We’re demanding Facebook do their job in ensuring their platform is not used to incite violence on Inauguration Day and beyond.

Our demands

Our demands have been developed by experts and campaigning groups who understand the complexity of the Facebook machine. This is what Facebook must do to protect democracy:

  1. Remove all posts related to ‘Stop the Steal’ and similar that are still inciting violence ahead of next week’s inauguration.
  2. Publish a codified system that makes transparent what Facebook’s system of enforcement is. There needs to be a clearly defined strike-out system in line with Twitter’s Civic Integrity update yesterday.
  3. Undertake an immediate audit by an independent body of all other public figures and world leaders whose content has been flagged for inciting violence.
  4. Correct the record on viral misinformation so those exposed receive alerts with fact-checked corrections.
  5. Hire, support, and adequately train more in-house content moderators so charities, NGOs and individuals do not have to keep doing Facebook’s moderation job for them.

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#DoYourJob is a coalition of campaigning organisations standing up to unaccountable tech to defend our rights to a free and fair election. 

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