Who are we?

The Real Facebook Oversight Board has been formed as an emergency response to address the immediate risk to US democracy. 

Academics and experts have joined forces with civil rights leaders to form a ‘Brains Trust’ to respond to the critical threats posed by Facebook’s unchecked power.

What will it do? 

It will respond in real time to the urgent issues raised by Facebook’s role in the US election. We will amplify the voices of experts and civil rights leaders whose voices need to be heard. It will continue to demand that Mark Zuckerberg takes responsibility for Facebook’s actions. 

How will it do this? 

This emergency must be met with open, transparent, informed debate. This is not about content moderation after the event. The RFOB will assemble its most relevant experts – best placed to respond to issues as they arise.

It will issue clear, achievable demands and ask Facebook to implement them. It will do this out in the open – live streaming press conferences, debates, expert interviews and victims testimonial. 

Will this conflict with Facebook’s own ‘Oversight Board’?

We respect our colleagues on Facebook’s own Oversight Board and wish them the best. Our fear is that their after-the-fact review of content with its 90 day turnaround will do nothing to prevent the subversion of this election. 

How is it funded?

Nobody is being paid to be a member of the board. It is being organized by the Citizens, a new non-profit that has received a start-up grant from Luminate.

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