Covid profiteering and nepotism

Since the start of the pandemic, the British government has issued over 1,000 contracts worth more than £11.2 billion on personal protective equipment (PPE) – such gloves, masks and hand sanitiser.

Indeed, over just three months this summer, Britain accounted for 30 per cent of the overall EU/UK spending on PPE.

Yet of these UK contracts, three quarters went through without competitive tender.

Sophie Hill has mapped cronyism in the Conservative government. Explore the website here.

Concerned with issues such as value for money, Covid profiteering and nepotism, The Citizens set out to examine these contracts.

We found evidence of fast-track VIP channels; contracts issued to companies whose directors are Conservative Party donors; companies listed on the Panama Papers offshore leaks database; huge contracts issued to companies that are dormant, dissolved, or in debt; and over a billion pounds given to companies linked to a single religious group.

All of it is here in our publicly searchable spreadsheet – where we have listed contract totals, whether the contract was PPE or Test and Trace related, which government body issued it, the date it was issued, and links to either Ted Europa or Companies House showing the award in full. 

But this list isn’t complete yet. 

More contracts have yet to be released, and many of the ones already in the public domain have yet to be fully scrutinised.

Get in touch and investigate

Are you interested in helping us sort through them and uncovering instances of cronyism, lack of oversight, or fiscal negligence? If so, please get in touch via direct message (DM) on Twitter @allthecitizens – and help us shine a light on this government.