Independent SAGE

The Citizens helped to launch Independent SAGE at the start of the pandemic in response to a lack of transparency from the government about the science it was following. This group of scientists, medics and public health experts continues to inform the public, press and policy makers via reports, media engagement and weekly briefings

In the spring of 2020, as the Covid-19 death toll spiralled, the British government repeatedly claimed to be “following the science” but it refused to tell us which science it was following or even who was advising it. It was as an emergency response to this lack of transparency that the Citizens launched Independent SAGE in May 2020. Since then, this independent group of leading scientists and healthcare experts has produced more than 50 reports and consultation documents, hosted dozens of public engagement events and answered hundreds of questions relating to the science behind the pandemic from the public, politicians, journalists and broadcasters. 

The Citizens are proud to continue to support the work of Independent SAGE.

“Independent SAGE has been a vital part of the UK’s response to the Covid pandemic, holding the science and the politics up for expert and open scrutiny, providing the public with a trusted source of information and challenge, and setting a new standard in transparency and open communication for future scientific advisory groups.”

Fiona Godlee, BMJ

Follow the work of Independent SAGE

Every Friday at 1.30pm Independent SAGE holds a public live-streamed briefing giving UK COVID-19 updates and answering questions from the public and the press. You can watch all public briefings on the Independent SAGE  YouTube Channel. Follow Independent SAGE on Twitter to find out topics of the week and submit questions for the scientists. 

Independent SAGE and the Citizens

The Citizens were a founding partner with Independent SAGE in May 2020 and continue to provide the support that allows Independent SAGE to livestream briefings. They run Independent SAGE’s social media and web presence and support the participation of guests (members of the public and media) in the briefings, and they help launch new reports and field media enquiries for members of Independent SAGE. The scientists work on an entirely voluntary basis. Academic members of Independent SAGE have provided small amounts of funds to the Citizens to support this work alongside the Citizens’ crowdfunder. The Citizens have no input into the content of reports or the advice that Independent SAGE gives to government and the public.

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