Inside the UK’s Frontier Artificial Intelligence Taskforce: Conflicts of Interest and the Spectre of Effective Altruism 

The piece was published in Byline Times.

Extract: ‘An elite group at the core of the UK’s artificial intelligence strategy risks being unduly influenced by private interests, an investigation by The Citizens can reveal. The Frontier AI taskforce is a government body within the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT). However, analysis of the backgrounds of its members suggests it may make decisions that sideline public safety and prosperity in favour of a neoliberal digital future. 

The small but growing group also contains adherents to the ‘effective altruism’ philosophical movement. Effective altruism (EA) – which centres on the idea of ‘earning to give’ – has faced serious criticism, particularly in light of the collapse of crypto exchange FTX, founded by EA evangelist Sam Bankman-Fried.’

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